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The Family Jewel at New Mexico Escape Room

The Family Jewel

Solve your Family Heirloom Mystery
Missing Family Treasure, Mysterious Family Inheritance, Puzzle Room

Established February 2017

Synopsis: You have just received an urgent call from a legal representative with your late grandmother’s attorney’s office who wants to discuss the final item outlined in her Last Will and Testament. Your grandmother has left you some sort of jewel, a true mystery, as no one in the family has ever heard of it. The estate has been thoroughly searched, her safety deposit box emptied, and her home safe cleared, but nothing has been found to solve the whereabouts of this mysterious “jewel.”

You’ve been informed by the legal representative that the final sale of the estate will take place in 1 hour. You must immediately meet at your grandmother’s apartment, and make one last attempt at finding this mysterious jewel before it’s lost forever. However, something seems very curious about this person from the attorney’s office…things are not what they seem!

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