Escape Room Questions? - NM Escape Room - Albuquerque, NM

What is an Escape Room?

What is your pricing?

Do you offer refunds?

All purchases are non refundable.

We will issue a credit UPON REQUEST for paid participants who were not in attendance for the booked session. The credit will be issued in the name of the paid party, but can be transferred or gifted to someone else.

What are your hours of operation?

Our public hours are Thursdays 3:30pm to 10:00pm, Fridays 3pm to 10pm, Saturdays 10:30am to 10pm, and Sundays 11am to 10pm. We are also available by appointment only minimum 1 week advance notice) on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, 9am to 7pm;Thursdays 9:00am to 2:30pm and Fridays 9:00am to 2:00pm. Contact Us for more information.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

We kindly request a minimum 24 hours advance notice of your cancellation. We will then reschedule your session for another date, or issue a credit for future use. All purchases are non refundable.

Can children participate in an escape scenario?

Yes, children of most ages are welcome to participate. Children under 12 should be accompanied by an adult, which is a requirement for the scenario Blackwell Manor, and there is no charge for children 6 and under.

How many people can our scenarios accommodate?

4-6 for Bombshell and Blackwell Manor and 4-8 for all others.

Do you take cash on site?

We can accept the exact amount including tax, but we don’t keep cash on site, so therefore we cannot make change. It is more convenient to book your session online. Please note: sessions are reserved through booking online and may not be available if you decide to walk in. If planning to walk in a pay on site please first check our schedule online to ensure that the session you desire isn’t already full.

How large are the rooms?

Our scenarios range from 260 sq ft to just over 600 sq ft.

Will I be paired with strangers?

Our policy is to no longer allow for open booking and keep all sessions private. This means when you book one of our sessions, it automatically becomes private and no longer available for booking on our web site. Please note, there is a minimum of 4 participants required to book a session, but more participants can be added to your session simply by giving us a call, or by adding them when you arrive for your booked time.

How many scenarios do you have?

Currently, we have three different scenarios at each location for a total of six. Please see our website for descriptions of the escape scenarios. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to be alerted to new escape scenarios and exciting escape room offers from

Can we add extra people to our booking if we have more than the maximum for that scenario?

Yes, additional participants are allowed, but only up to 2 more than maximum for that scenario (ie: hard maximum of 8 for Bombshell and Blackwell Manor and hard maximum for 10 on all other scenarios).

Why is there a minimum of 4 participants required to book? I just wanted myself and one other to participate…

We have learned that 2 participants just don’t get the most out of their experience due to the amount of puzzles and tasks required to complete the game. It is a much better experience and your chances of success are greater with at least 4 participants.

Are the exact same scenarios available at each location?

No, each location has a different offering of scenarios from which to choose.

Has anyone suffering from claustrophobia had any issues inside the rooms?

No. Please know that if you need to step out for any reason whatsoever at any point during your game, all of our scenarios are equipped with emergency exits for you to take care of whatever you need (phone call, restroom, breather, etc.) and re-enter when you are ready to do so.

Can we bring food inside the rooms?


Do you serve food or alcohol?


Is this a franchise?

No, we are locally owned and operated.

What if we don’t escape in time?

We will go inside and show you the answer to the last puzzle you are working

Do we get anything if we win?

You get the satisfaction of beating the room plus bragging rights.

How long have you been open?

We opened our first location on Carlisle in June of 2015 and our second location on McLeod in June of 2017.

Can you give me more information on your team building offers?

We are an indoor facility that allows you to come dressed in plain clothes with no special clothes requirements. As a team building location, we are designed to help facilitate your corporate group by offering a challenging experience that hinges on communication and cooperation! All the things that make team building activities productive. We offer a discounted rate to corporations & have compiled a tiered pricing structure below. You are charged by the experience, with each experience lasting up to 60 minutes (unless you successfully escape the room before the 60 minute timer runs out.

Pricing structure and additional details can be found on our Team Building page.

How soon prior to our appointment time should we arrive?

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled time.

Do you offer any specials on your service?

Yes, we do. Please sign up for our newsletter, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook to be alerted when we have coupons and special offers.