Nefertari's Tomb

Unearth cursed riches and relics

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Nefertari's Tomb

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Have we finally located the fabled "Golden Hall"?

You are tomb robbers serving a criminal organization, led by the mysterious Arnold von Dunkelheit. For years, Dunkelheit has suspected that the supposed tomb of one of Egypt’s greatest queens - Queen Nefertari - was not actually her final resting place. Known as Site QV66, it was rumored to hold the greatest treasures of Ramesses II, and said to contain the Golden Hall - a magical chamber where the dead could be resurrected. But when the tomb was opened in 1904 the treasures were all missing, and there was no evidence of any secrets to eternal life.


The situation didn’t add up, and after decades of searching, Dunkelheit’s group has finally located what may be the real tomb of Nefertari. Armed with a list of long-lost treasures, you must dynamite your way into the tomb, steal everything you can find, and escape before the local authorities and meddling hero-archaeologists arrive. Authorities have been tracking your group, and will arrive in 60 minutes. If Dunkelheit can’t have all the treasures, no one can - once the mission is finished, you must blow up the tomb to bury your tracks and make your escape.



Note: Nefertari's Tomb is an advanced escape game that is geared at an experienced audience. If your group hasn't participated in multiple escape scenarios, we suggest that you consider one of our other offerings before you venture into Nefertari's Tomb.
Not recommended for small groups .

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June 2017 


What cursed riches will you and your team discover?

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