The Cabin 2: Simon Says, "Die" at New Mexico Escape Room

The Cabin 2: Simon Says, "DIE"

Catch a Serial Killer Adventure
Serial Killer Cabin, Murder Mystery, Puzzle Room

Established April 2023


Four years ago, you and your team of FBI investigators solved the case of the infamous "Simon Says" killer. After braving his Cabin filled with traps and mayhem, you rescued his would-be victim – buried alive in the Alaskan wilds – and captured the killer before he could strike again.

“Simon Says” was found to be Sam Sisnoy, from Anchorage Alaska. And now, he’s serving a lifelong sentence in state prison, alone. Disavowed by his parents and siblings, even his family - only present at Sisnoy’s trial - refuses to visit or acknowledge him.

But now, even as Sisnoy sits in prison, reports of missing people are emerging once again.

A parcel addressed from the infamous Simon Says killer was delivered to the FBI. In it was a video of a new victim, trapped and buried up to his neck. You were assigned to return to Sisnoy's old Cabin to hunt for clues; to search for evidence that might help discover this new victim's whereabouts.

Sam Sisnoy is still in prison. Is he somehow working with an accomplice? Or is a copycat killer on the loose? 

You’ve been assigned to return to Sisnoy’s Cabin. Simon says: head back to The Cabin, and find the victim before it’s too late. And if you can, discover the killer’s identity…


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