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Exciting Escape Room Scenarios in Albuquerque, NM

New Mexico Escape Room offers five different escape room scenarios designed to fully immerse players into a comprehensive story in a realistic setting. Our high-quality scenarios give players an escape room experience like no other!

Our Thrilling Scenarios

Each scenario is designed with different levels of difficulty, so we have something for players of all skill levels.

  • Nefertari’s Tomb transforms your team into criminal tomb robbers looking for jewels from the burial site of an ancient Egyptian queen. Recommended for advanced players!
  • Duel at Dusk takes you back to the Wild West, where you’re dueling with an unknown opponent in just an hour but have misplaced a few very important items! Great for first-timers.
  • The Cabin has you play detective, sneaking into the cabin of a suspected serial killer to find his identity. Recommended for mature, intermediate players!
  • The Family Jewel requires you to track down a mysterious jewel at your late grandmother’s estate. There’s one problem: the jewel is missing, and her estate sells in an hour! The Family Jewel is recommended for intermediate players of all ages.
  • Bombshell is our newest puzzle, where it's up to you to determine the fate of one of the city's greatest criminal masterminds, Don Vittorio Bosargio. But Don is onto your scheme, and you'll have to work against the clock to survive.

What to Expect

Many people feel anxious before their visit because they don’t know what to expect. Don’t worry—an escape room isn’t frightening, but it’s certainly suspenseful! The rooms aren’t super tiny, so you won’t feel claustrophobic, but you will be sharing the space with teammates. While you needn’t be an athlete, you’ll need to move around the room searching for clues. There will be noise! You’ll be bonding with teammates, laughing, and maybe even yelling, depending on how excited or frustrated you get! You’ll probably experience a range of emotions, from confusion to stress to excitement. But at the end of the game, whether you’ve escaped in 60 minutes or not, you’ll feel a sense of achievement that you and your team solved the puzzle. Visit our FAQ to learn more.

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A Suspenseful Race For Survival
Criminal Syndicates, Suspense & Intensity, Escape the Room

Synopsis: For decades, the city’s greatest criminal syndicates have answered to one man, Vittorio Bosargio. He is known as the Don of Dons, holding power over multiple criminal organizations, but lately his judgement has been questionable and unstable. He is slowly slipping into madness. You’ve been summoned, along with other organizational heads, to meet in a secret location and discuss the fate of the highly respected, but faltering Don. Unfortunately, your betrayal doesn’t go unnoticed. Someone has double crossed you, and now it’s a race against the clock to survive. Don’t end up ‘sleepin wit the fishes’. Can you outsmart Don Vittorio Bosargio?

CAUTION: This game requires some physicality where players may have to kneel into low positions, crouch, and climb up and down steps. There are also uneven and moving floors, and small spaces. Please feel free to contact us directly with specific questions regarding the physical aspect of this game.

This game has been designed for 4-6 participants. This number is not negotiable and in place for customer safety.

Nefertari's Tomb

Loot a Tomb Adventure
Egyptian Tomb, Robbery, Puzzle Room>

Synopsis: You are tomb robbers serving a criminal organization, led by the mysterious Arnold von Dunkelheit. For years, Dunkelheit has suspected that the supposed tomb of one of Egypt’s greatest queens - Queen Nefertari - was not actually her final resting place. Known as Site QV66, it was rumored to hold the greatest treasures of Ramesses II, and said to contain the Golden Hall - a magical chamber where the dead could be resurrected. But when the tomb was opened in 1904 the treasures were all missing, and there was no evidence of any secrets to eternal life.

The situation didn’t add up, and after decades of searching, Dunkelheit’s group has finally located what may be the real tomb of Nefertari. Armed with a list of long-lost treasures, you must dynamite your way into the tomb, steal everything they can find, and escape before the local authorities and meddling hero-archaeologists arrive. Authorities have been tracking your group, and will arrive in 60 minutes. If Dunkelheit can’t have all the treasures, no one can - once the mission is finished, you must blow up the tomb to bury your tracks and make your escape.

Note: Nefertari's Tomb is an advanced escape game that is geared at an experienced audience. If your group hasn't participated in multiple escape scenarios, we suggest that you consider one of our other offerings before you venture into Nefertari's Tomb

Duel at Dusk

A Suspenseful Race For Survival
Western Duel, Mystery & Suspense, Puzzle Room

Synopsis: After a little too much fun the night prior at the local saloon, you vaguely remember that you have been challenged to a duel by a mysterious stranger. The duel will take place today at dusk. Unfortunately, you have misplaced your gun and other items. You must re-trace your steps from the prior night’s events and return to the saloon where the bartender has agreed to give you and your posse one hour to retrieve your lost items which include: your pistol, your lucky rabbit’s foot, and your courage. You also are hoping this will trigger you to recall the name of the person you’ll be dueling. Exit the saloon with these trusted, lucky items and the name of your dueling partner within the hour, and there’s no way you’ll lose. Don’t find them, and you may as well leave town!

The Cabin

Catch a Serial Killer Adventure
Serial Killer Cabin, Murder Mystery, Puzzle Room

Synopsis: You are the lead detective on the murder case you have just received a tip that has led you to the secluded, hunting cabin that the suspected serial killer is said to use as his hideaway. You don’t have enough evidence to get a warrant, you don’t even know the true identity of the killer, and time is of the essence. You must get to the cabin, use the clues to lead you to the true identity of the killer, and escape before the killer returns. You only have 60 minutes…will you and your team be able to get in, accomplish the task & get out in time?

Have what it takes to catch a serial killer? Can you and your team meet the challenge of finding the clues & murder weapon, and escaping in time without being caught by the killer himself? This room offers a more advanced, live escape scenario; it should be attempted only if you are brave or have had experience with escape games before.

The Family Jewel

Solve your Family Heirloom Mystery
Missing Family Treasure, Mysterious Family Inheritance, Puzzle Room

Synopsis: You have just received an urgent call from a legal representative with your late grandmother’s attorney’s office who wants to discuss the final item outlined in her Last Will and Testament. Your grandmother has left you some sort of jewel, a true mystery, as no one in the family has ever heard of it. The estate has been thoroughly searched, her safety deposit box emptied, and her home safe cleared, but nothing has been found to solve the whereabouts of this mysterious “jewel”.

You’ve been informed by the legal representative that the final sale of the estate will take place in 1 hour. You must immediately meet at your grandmother’s apartment, and make one last attempt at finding this mysterious jewel before it’s lost forever. However, something seems very curious about this person from the attorney’s office…Things are not what they seem!

Blackwell Manor
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