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Booking Upgrade to Semi-Private

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January 28, 2019
COVID-19 Preparedness Update
March 13, 2020

As many of you know, at NM Escape Room we currently operate with sessions that are private bookings; this means that a booked session comprised of at least 4 participants secures the game private for that group, and no one else can access the unbooked spots in that session. This has been very well received as the majority of customer groups prefer to play the escape game only with people they know as opposed to playing the game with strangers. The draw back to private bookings with a participant minimum is that it doesn’t allow for groups of less than 4 to book a game without paying for all 4 spots or for groups to pay separately. This sentiment was expressed to us among a good number of folks who had participated in our recent customer feedback survey. A recent software upgrade to our booking management system has allowed for the best of both worlds. We are now offering options to book either a private game, or an open session that allows multiple groups to pair up to play.


To book the private session, you will still need to book a minimum of 4 participants. If the first person to book that session has at least 4 participants, the booking automatically sets the game to private making it unavailable for others to access that specific session online. People can still add additional participants to their group on site when they arrive for their booked session up to the game participant maximum.


For the booking to remain open allowing others to join, you only need to book any number of participants under 4. So you can book a single participant, a couple, or three people and still allow for others to join that same session. This option also allows for groups to pay and book separately if they so choose, but it will still keep the session open if the first booking is not at least 4 participants. Please note that as a courtesy to being a multi-group booking that all sessions of this nature will begin promptly at the scheduled start time.


We hope this change will be accommodating and convenient for all group booking preferences to allow for smaller groups to play while still also allowing for groups to keep their session private.


This change will take place for all sessions booked after Monday, April 1st, 2019. All bookings made prior to this date will still remain private, as they were done so with at least 4 participants.


We understand that this may be a bit confusing change and are here to help! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the changes to our booking platform, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or by telephone (505)-289-1002.