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Team Building Activities in Albuquerque

NM Escape Room - Corporate Team Building
Choosing an Escape Room Difficulty Level
November 14, 2018
A family working on a puzzle from an escape room scenario called The Cabin at New Mexico Escape Room in Albuquerque, NM
A Little History—How Did Escape Room Scenarios Originate?
January 14, 2019

New Mexico Escape Room offers unique, one-of-a-kind experiences for businesses big or small. Regardless of your group's size, gender, physical ability, or purpose, we have the right events for you!

New Mexico Escape Room is an indoor facility that allows you to come dressed in plain clothes with no special clothing requirements. You may choose to rent the private party/conference room at our McLeod facility, or we can book a private session for your group in one of our four scenario rooms. We can tailor the experience to the personality of each member of your team with our team building assessment package.

As a team building location, we are designed to help facilitate your corporate group by offering a challenging experience that hinges on communication and cooperation, the two main things that make team building activities productive. We offer a discounted rate to corporations and have compiled a tiered pricing structure below. You are charged by the experience, with each experience lasting up to 60 minutes (unless you successfully escape the room before the 60-minute timer runs out).

Call New Mexico Escape Room at 505-289-1002 to schedule your team building activity today!