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Technology vs. Lock and Key

NM Escape Room - The Family Jewels
New Year, New Room!
January 15, 2017
NM Escape Room - The Family Jewels
Now Open! New Escape Room in Albuquerque, NM
February 15, 2017
There are many, many escape rooms popping up all over the world offering a variety of themes, game play styles, and puzzles. Your traditional – ha, have they really been around long enough to justify the description, traditional?- escape games are largely lock and key based, where clues are hidden or locked up with a combination or key lock of some sort and the players must find the codes to unlock them in order to progress in the game. The theming or settings in these games vary slightly, but are largely an office setting with little immersion factor. That said, these games can be extremely challenging and fun. Some of my favorite escape room games are of this type. There is something very satisfying about getting the combination correct to a lock and revealing the next clue that will lead your group closer to victory. 
Now, the industry, well at least the American industry, is experiencing a shift towards more technology, more set design, more immersion, and more wow factor. With big players like Disney and Universal Studios in the mix, the bar has now been set extremely high for other small businesses currently in the escape game business, or those thinking about getting into it. 
How do these extremes in game design and wow factor affect the customer? Not by much. A good game is a good game. People can have just as much fun escaping Bob Ford’s office as they can NM Escape Room’s Nefertari’s Tomb. It’s all about the endorphins released as you solve your way through the collection of puzzles, tasks, ciphers, and riddles towards your impending “theoretical” doom, or your ultimate escape! That’s what makes a good escape experience. So whether that ultimate fun comes in the form of lock and key style game, or one with nothing but technology, in the end it’s about the way you feel playing the game.  If you haven’t had a chance to visit an escape room, or one of our escape rooms, Book One Today.  You will feel happy you did!