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Reliving the Thrills & Creating Memories

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October 24, 2023

Debriefing After an Escape Room

T he countdown has ended, and the game is over. You and your fellow puzzlers emerge from the   immersive world of the escape room, hearts still pounding from the adrenaline rush of an hour solving puzzles and unraveling mysteries. Whether you emerged victorious or were just a step away from unlocking that final clue, one thing remains true - the adventure doesn't end when you leave the room. There's a special kind of joy in the air as you gather with your teammates to relive the experience through a post-escape room debrief.

Carie Guido, one of the owners of New Mexico Escape Room, shares, “Over the years we’ve noticed that groups love to get together after the game and recap their experience. They will do it in the lobby, or out front in the parking lot, or they go to dinner/drinks. They will definitely relive the experience afterwards and discuss the specifics of the puzzles, how things opened, where what was found, and who solved what.”

It happens time and again; the end of the hour in the room is just the beginning of the fun of the shared experience. This is one of the reasons that escape rooms have become so popular as a family tradition around the holidays and an excellent experience for team building. The magic of the post-escape room debriefing lies in the camaraderie and the genuine bonding that takes place. It's a time for everyone to recount their unique perspectives on the game.

While you may remember the intricate details of a particular puzzle, someone else might be marveling at the room's immersive design, and another may have a funny story to share about a misinterpreted clue. It's a chance to learn from your mistakes, celebrate your successes, and plan for your next escape room adventure. It's a time to reflect on the power of teamwork and problem-solving. And most importantly, it's an opportunity to create lasting memories that will be talked about for years to come.


New Mexico Escape Room has a reputation of offering captivating and challenging escape room experiences. Carie provides the following insight, “The games that work best for families are Duel at Dusk, Super Secret, Nefertari's Tomb, and Bombshell. These games are non-linear, ensuring that every member of the group remains actively involved throughout the entire experience.” The escape room experience is not just about what happens within those themed walls; it's about the shared joy, camaraderie, and thrill that comes with debriefing afterward. 


So, as you are planning family time in the upcoming holiday months or looking for a team building exercise, remember that the adventure doesn't end when the clock stops ticking. Gather in your living room, in your boardroom or at a local restaurant and see how in the hours beyond the room unfold. If you like, you can book the conference room to gather after your escape room adventure. “We do notice that groups that book out our party room have a better time if they book the party time after their game,” Carie states. It’s true because the real treasure lies in the moments you share, reliving the escapade with your closest companions and savoring the joy that comes from debriefing.