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Duel at Dusk

The Blood Map
Farewell to The Blood Map and Hello to…
September 8, 2017
Linear Vs. Multi-path
November 19, 2017

Pull up your boots and get your wits about you! NM Escape Room has designed a new western themed mission based escape scenario, Duel at Dusk, and it’s a great game for the whole family. This escape game has the highest success rate of all of our scenarios, but don’t let that fool you. It’s still a doozy of a puzzle. It is great for first timers, old timers, and everyone who wants to have a hootenanny of a time. Set in a wild western saloon, The Salty Churro, (ask for that back story when you arrive, it’s pretty funny) you and your group had a little too much fun the night before at said saloon, and you got yourself challenged to a duel by a mysterious stranger. Unfortunately, in all the excitement, you misplaced your gun and other items that will give you a leg up in this duel against this stranger. Fortunately, the bar keep has graciously agreed to allow you one hour before the saloon opens to find your lost items before dusk, when the duel is set to begin. Don’t escape without your gun, or you’ll be pushing up daisies!