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Family Game Night 2.0

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October 6, 2016
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January 15, 2017

One of the coolest things we get to witness is families reuniting at our NM Escape Room during the holidays. We see all generations of one family come together to play a game. It is reminiscent of the family board game nights that were popular when I was growing up. I know that families still practice this ritual of fun and togetherness, but in addition to that, they are now playing escape room games. It always warms our hearts to see the grandmother so encouraging and proud of her grand child as he/she puzzles through the escape room game. And to see grandpa directing the family from the lone chair in the corner of the room, or running around spooking or startling the kids and getting a big laugh out of it. And to cheer on mom and dad as they tackle the bulk of the puzzle solving only to hand the final part off for their child to complete and feel the sense of accomplishment. It’s pretty amazing to be witness to this new form of family game night – the escape room game. The best part is that players are 1 team, so they win together and unfortunately sometimes lose together, but in the end, the key here is “together”.  Looking for an amazing, fun, unique family reunion idea?  Contact us today!