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Team Building at NM Escape Room

NM Escape Room Halloween
Halloween at the Escape Room! No place better!
October 1, 2016
NM Escape Room Famiiy Game Night
Family Game Night 2.0
December 20, 2016

Team building opportunities: something we planned to offer from the inception of this company, but the response has been positively overwhelming!

We knew we would need to get the word out about us and this new opportunity for team building in our city, but we weren’t aware of just how great the need was and is for this type of team building.

The New Mexico Escape Room is one of the few, local facilities where teams actually have to work together to complete the tasks and puzzles and accomplish a successful room escape (while being locked in a room together, AND within a time limit!).


Team bonding at the NM Escape Room

Escape rooms foster communication, collaboration, trust, encouragement, and bonding amongst team members. The experience is usually discussed and re-lived well after their time here has passed which further strengthens the bond.

Escape rooms can also highlight the aspects of dysfunction that are affecting a team. We often have had managers / supervisors who like to observe their respective teams and how they work together, or don’t work together during their time in the escape room.

We have had some good insights regarding a team’s dynamic through observing how they approach and execute the game scenario.

This can be helpful to managers in identifying certain issues with individual team members or the team as a whole. They can take what they observed here and use that information to address these issues and make necessary changes to help improve the team dynamic.

Whether a team escapes or not, isn’t a measure of success.

Success is measured by the team’s ability to work together through the puzzles and tasks presented them and be able to see said tasks/puzzles through to completion without being discouraging or talking down to one another.

A team that supports and encourages one another is already a success in our book!