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Nefertari’s Tomb

NM Escape Room's New Location
New Location!
May 8, 2017
NM Escape Room Team Bonding
Team Bonding
July 8, 2017
You voted, and now it’s here! We have spent months hammering, drilling, cutting, painting, foam carving, more painting, wiring, hammering, sawing, did I say painting… oh, and more wiring to get this scenario to look and feel like an Egyptian tomb. 
Our build team consisted of 6 to 8 staff members, all of whom put their sweat and tears into making this dream become a reality. They all had a hand in bringing Nefertari’s Tomb to life and in my opinion they did an amazing job.
The tomb is over 600 sq.ft and it consists of 3 main puzzle path chambers and a few bonus areas. It challenges 4 of the 5 senses. It has no locks or keys. You have to test your wits at figuring out sequences, observing changes, deciphering hieroglyphics, filling in the blanks and good old fashioned puzzle solving. It allows players of multiple problem solving levels the chance to tackle various puzzles and challenges throughout the game. There won’t be any time to stand around and watch your friend solve a puzzle as there is much to be done and plenty for everyone! The main objective is to raid the tomb of its riches and ultimately find the Golden Ankh of Ramesess the Great. 
The game design was a collaboration between NM Escape Room and Escape Games Canada. Canada certainly did not disappoint with the challenging and creative puzzle design. We wanted to expand our knowledge and put our creative skills to the test, and it really paid off in the form of this awesome game.  Come and test your wits.  See if you can find the Golden Ankh of Ramesess the Great!  Book today!