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Team Bonding

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Nefertari’s Tomb
June 8, 2017
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August 8, 2017
I’ve discussed team building, but team bonding is probably more closely in line with what groups typically experience when they attend a work related event at NM Escape Room. Though we do offer team building extras for those groups who are looking to identify areas where their team dynamic needs improvement, but teams also need to just get away and have a good time. 
When a work group comes to just have some fun and let off some steam, the ultimate goal is a good time, but the great thing is they are making memories together to look back on.  That is where the bonding part comes to play. The shared successes in the game create a buzz of excitement and endorphin release that helps strengthen a team’s existing bond or to create a new one. 
The escape room game does require team work, communication, trust, and support of one another. It is one of the few experiences around town that allows the team to work together to accomplish a common goal as opposed to individual goals or no goals at all. The best part is it’s all for one and one for all. They either beat the game and escape together, or go down with the ship together. But they do it together. If you’re looking for a great way for your team members to bond, find out why NM Escape Room is the perfect choice! Contact us today for more details.