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Our Creative Team

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March 29, 2017
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New Location!
May 8, 2017
We have such an artistic staff at NM Escape Room! We employ a seamstress and cosplayer, an actor, a sketch artist, a clown, and another artist who also happens to cosplay. I wanted to highlight New Mexico’s local talent who also happen to have day jobs at your friendly, neighborhood escape room!
Kailah Case aka Case Creative Arts – a local artist who recently graduated from UNM. She paints, sketches, foam carves, and fabricates her costumes and accessories for her cosplay. She does it all, and was especially instrumental in bringing Nefertari’s Tomb to life! 
Nicholas Wineman aka Stu Pickles- not local to NM, but he’s just one christmas style burrito away from becoming one of us! His background and education is in theater, but you likely have seen him portraying, Mr. Russian Guyovich as he runs The Family Jewel scenario here at NM Escape Room. 
Madison Vanderlingen aka Maddest Madi Cosplay – a local seamstress and cosplayer who loves everything ironic. When she’s not drawing caricatures of a certain staff member, she’s entertaining us with her quick wit and quirkiness that make every day here at NM Escape Room very interesting. 
Jaimie Hamilton – our most recent addition to our team, who happens to be an amazing sketch artist. She is responsible for a few of the murals and detail painting inside Nefertari’s Tomb. Jaimie has a background and education in graphic design. Expect much, much more from her in the near future! 
Ziggy Bosarge – our chief imagination officer and jack of all trades. He doesn’t just clown around. Well sometimes he does because he is a professional clown. But when he’s not making balloon animals or working the circus beat, he is instrumental in conjuring up some of the super cool and challenging puzzles you encounter in our scenarios.