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17 Things Your Game Master Is Thinking While Running Your Game

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March 8, 2021
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June 3, 2021
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17 Things Your Game Master Is Thinking While Running Your Game


It can be a bit odd at first when you play an escape game knowing that there is someone watching what you do and listening to what you say. You may think, “they must be laughing at us.” Oftentimes, if we’re laughing, it’s most likely laughing along with you sharing in a humorous moment or giggling at a joke you cracked. But you may be curious as to what is going through your game master’s head as they are running your room. We asked our team of GMs and here are some of their thoughts:

1. Look to your left! YOUR OTHER LEFT!!

What you are looking for is right there! Just expand your search a little bit to find what you need.

2. I really think you should ask me for a hint right now.

If the gears are grinding but you’re not going anywhere, we’re here to help you out! Ask for a hint to get you a nudge in the right direction to make more progress in your puzzling endeavors.

3. Yes, you almost had it. Now this time, do it better.

Come up with a theory and test it out! If it doesn’t work that first time, try again; you may have missed something.

4. Please don’t rip that off the wall.

No brute strength, disassembling, or destruction is necessary. We just want to maintain the integrity of our rooms and keep y’all safe.

5. I mean, that’s a good idea, but no.

We see creative theories and solutions from y’all! But sometimes there may be a simpler way to approach it that you might be overlooking. Take a step back to reassess!

6. Look at you! Solving the things without help! I’m so proud.

Seeing groups succeed on their own brings us as much joy as it does for you solving it. We love it when the lightbulb goes off for you!

7. Please stop making out. Did y’all forget that I can see and hear you?

There are cameras and microphones throughout the scenarios for us to keep an eye on y’all so we know how to help you when you ask. Save the PDA for afterwards in your own space.

8. Eww why did you put that pen in your mouth?

Putting things in your mouth that aren’t yours, especially during a pandemic, isn’t the best idea.

9. Holy cats they solved that fast.

The speed at which groups can fly through puzzles, particularly challenging ones, catches us by surprise. We’re cheering you on in the back!

10. I think my leg fell asleep…

Sitting in the same position for quite some time while in the back minding after a group leads to pins and needles.

11. Oooo what a delightful scream.

All screams, whether triumphantly for solving something or more sinisterly when startled in either of our horror scenarios, bring us joy.

12. I like you all. I’m gonna help you out. *sends a free hint*

We want you to succeed and have a great time so we sometimes may send an extra hint or two to awesome groups.

13. *angry gremlin noise*

Words fail us at times for any number of reasons, so the best way to convey our thoughts and sentiments at the time is, well, gremlin noises.

14. They’re so close. I’m gonna sneakily add time to their game.

f you’re right there on the last puzzle with just moments left, we’ll try to add another minute to your time so you can finish. We won’t tell if you don’t.

15. I really need to pee.

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

16. Keep gong! You’re so close!

Never stop. Keep at it with trying new ideas and finding the right solution, especially if you are right there. Too often we see groups get about 90% of the way there with finishing a puzzle and then give up. Keep going!


We get so excited to see you excited! We’re definitely doing little happy dances to celebrate your victories!

At the end of the day, we want you to succeed! On top of keeping track of your progress, being mindful as to how to help should you need it, and making sure you and the room are safe, we enjoy seeing your creative efforts lead to a wonderful and memorable experience. Know that we’re rooting for you from a distance and can’t wait to see you try one of our thrilling escape rooms!

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