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Family fun at the NM Escape Room!

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July 21, 2016
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August 15, 2016
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Family fun at the NM Escape Room!

Have you ever thought about planning a family outing for your family at the New Mexico Escape Room?

Well, before you do, we’d like to share some thoughts…. especially for any ultra-competitive families out there! 😉

When spending an hour locked in a room together, it’s safe to say, that your inner-family dynamics have a lovely way of escaping.

If you family is a laugh-loving family, oh dear goodness! Be prepared for laughter galore!

If your family is a family that normally argues about everything, then it’s likely you will probably argue about everything in the escape room. Or, maybe you’re a family with fast-tempers and easy frustrations; then, well, just be prepared to hug it out after you finish!

Live escape room games AND being locked in a room for an hour can bring out some interesting and sometimes intense characteristics in people.


All ages welcome! You never know who you’re best bet is to get out!

As one game master put it, “monitoring the games behind the scenes, we have the pleasure of often seeing such a cool thing take place. Seeing families bonding, laughing, cheering, hugging, and being present together is awesome.”

The NM Escape Room offers a great opportunity to escape the outside world for a small bit, and enable families to be together without the distractions of smart phones, tablets, laptops and other distractions.

The combined experience of escaping the room becomes the focal point of conversation and continued discussion which furthers the bonding experience long after your family has left the building.

At NM Escape Room, we really love that we are able to offering an opportunity for families and friends to come together, bond, and experience strong togetherness.

We assure you, regardless of your family dynamics, and whether or not you are able to ‘beat the clock,’ after the 60-minutes are up, you are sure to walk away have made lasting memories together.

What will you and your family do? Only one way to find out! Book your New Mexico Escape Room family togetherness experience now!