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Back to school! Ugh!

NM Escape Room Family Night
Family fun at the NM Escape Room!
August 1, 2016
NM Escape Room Halloween
Halloween at the Escape Room! No place better!
October 1, 2016

Back to school season is here! Ugh!

My kiddos are almost grown, but the back to school season still reminds me of a stressful time. The hustle and bustle begins again with school supplies and clothes shopping, fees for this and that, sports tryouts, and just getting back into the Fall schedule amongst other things… it’s just a busy time.


Family fun for all ages!

Amidst all this back to school business, we do see an increase in college-aged students and their families attending NM Escape Room.

It’s usually a last attempt at some family fun before they return to their colleges and universities most often located in other states.

It’s such a neat thing to see families coming together to enjoy time with each other before returning to that busy fall schedule.

NM Escape Room is a lot of fun and best of all it briefly takes you away from the hustle and bustle of daily life to just simply spend time together making memories.

We invite you and your kids – of all ages – to book your escape now, and join us! One last memory to take back to school!

~Carie, OwnerCarie_Darren_Guido_NM_EscapeRoom