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Halloween at the Escape Room! No place better!

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Back to school! Ugh!
August 15, 2016
Teambuilding NM Escape Room
Team Building at NM Escape Room
October 6, 2016

It’s beginning to get a bit spooky around here!

The New Mexico Escape Room’s Cabin scenario-room is the perfect excuse to get the seasonal fright out of your system. This scenario has that creepy, dark feel and also induces some blood curdling screams along the way.



On top of the creep factor, the game itself tells the story of the notorious serial killer who goes by the pseudonym, Simon Says.

Small pieces of his disturbed life are revealed as you unravel the mystery and unlock his dark secrets.

He’s taunted you with a message boasting a latest victim who is buried alive and it’s up to you to find her whereabouts and save her life.

Your time is limited and every second counts.

Are you up to the task? Book your Halloween escape now before we fill up!